The ethos of our events and workshops will be one of supporting local wherever possible, with a few of our favourites from elsewhere thrown in for good measure. By local we mean the East Midlands.  We aim to provide events and workshops that not only look amazing but give the opportunity to sell to an audience for whom fitness, wellness, mind, body and soul are of interest with a focus on creating health and happiness.  We may have already contacted you directly if we've come across you and we feel that you fit our ethos.  If we haven't and you wish to join us then please get in touch.



We are looking for independent gyms, studios, personal trainers & professionals that provide a fitness and/or wellness service in the region.  This includes reflexologists, reiki specialists, creators of wellness or creative workshops, event organisers, massage therapists, the list goes on. If you think that you might be suitable to work with us then get in touch. 



We aim to lay out our large events so that vendors and exhibitors are placed fairly and supportively in order that everyone has the best chance of selling their products and/or services.  

There will not be large multiples of vendors/exhibitors selling the same of similar products/services.  This will be monitored throughout the application process and numbers limited.

However, please remember it is a first come, first served application process. If we like the look of your products or services and feel that you will support the ethos of an event and we don’t already have more than one other similar stand, there should be no reason that your application won’t be accepted.  We will contact you whether you are successful or not with your application to join us at an event and we will endeavour to do this as quickly as possible.

You will be expected to take part in the marketing of the event and support other vendors/exhibitors that will also be at the event.  You will receive guidance on how to do this.  You will obviously not be expected to promote a competitor but there will be plenty of other companies whose products or services may compliment your own.

You will always have the opportunity to visit the venue approx. 6 weeks prior to an event.  



We are looking for a number of educational speakers at our events.  Spaces at our larger events are limited but if you wish to apply with some background of what you would like to talk about then please get in touch.  We will usually have an idea of subject areas we wish to cover, however, we are open to others if they fit in with our aims and ethos of the event.



We are looking for teachers to give taster classes at our events.  If you teach workshops or classes at a gym or studio or if you teach creative classes then again please get in touch to discuss.  It will be a massive opportunity to get your name or brand out there locally in the East Midlands as there will be extensive marketing campaigns taking place leading up to any event.