10.30-12pm - Ancestral Healing with Family Constellations - Chantal Van de Louw


10.30-12pm - Ancestral Healing with Family Constellations - Chantal Van de Louw


Ancestral Healing with Family Constellations - Chantal Van de Louw


Do you find yourself repeating the same problems over and over again?

Are there a lot of unresolved traumas in your family that are effecting you?

Have you experienced a great loss or bereavement in your life?

Are you feeling depressed and you don’t know why or what to do?

Does it seem impossible to be successful in life?

Have you done a lot of personal growth work or therapy but nothing seems to help?

Are you suffering from anxiety?

These questions might seem to have little in common but they all come from the same place, your family story.

Our thoughts and behaviour are influenced by those who came before us. Their life experiences have been passed on to us. Their struggles in life and also their successes. The way we respond and behave to certain situations are outcomes of the life our ancestors had.

Most therapies are focused on you and your challenges in life. If you had therapy you most likely worked on inner processes. Your inner dialog and how to change certain behaviour to get a certain result. And you probably had a measure of success with that. But you might also feel there is something missing and you are right.

Family Constellations take the whole of who you are into account. You are not just the sum of your parts but you grew up in a family, a community, a culture, a country. Your environment was of great influence on how you are doing today. In a constellation we are looking with the widest view, taking everything and everybody in regard that was excluded or forgotten. We will remember them.

With Family Constellations you will gain new insights into your situation. It will break you free from the hidden dynamics in your family. You will be able to find strength and resilience and you will leave feeling empowered.

I’m looking forward to meet you and your ancestors.

Chantal Van de Louw

Family Constellations Facilitator

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[Dee-room-ah ; Indonesian = at home ]

This is the name of my shop, treatment room and workshop space.

“Having dreamed of opening a centre for so many years, it finally happened last December. Opening the door to Dirumah for conscious living was unforgettable. It meant I could bring together my wish to contribute to a better planet, my love for beautiful products and my spirituality.

To have created a space, on an organic farm no less, in the middle of the beautiful English country side is really special to me. Although it is small it is amazing, with a shop and a treatment room.

My wish for the shop was to sell products that wouldn’t harm animals or the planet, that helps people in developing countries, are beautiful, meaningful and would bring a smile on your face.
I felt very lucky when I found the brands I now sell. They meet my values and make such wonderful products. You can’t go wrong with them.

The shop can be transformed into a workshop space. Already we have had some amazing transformational work being done there that was healing and sparked creativity. We’re planning to do more of those so keep an eye out.

In my journey to create the centre I’ve met wonderful therapists who now work in the treatment room. They each have their own specialties and love to support you to better health. They have given the centre such a loving energy. They can’t wait to meet you so check out the treatment list and book your appointment. You will be in good hands.

It would be great to see you at Dirumah and tell you in person all the stories behind the products. And make sure to visit the organic farm shop next door as well for your fruit, vegetables and meat. Two birds with one stone.

See you soon.

Sending love,
Chantal van de Louw