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Pilates has offered to me time and time again the ability to rediscover my body’s potential through the physicality of the exercises and also through the mindfulness that runs through the method as a whole. Where concentration, control, centering, fluidity, precision and of course the breath are the essence of what creates this
intelligent exercise.

Bringing mental awareness to the forefront of the mind is half the journey and plays a very important role not only in learning the do’s and don’ts for your body but also in becoming more accustomed to sensation. Understanding and knowing the feeling of
the body’s muscles and joints, to recognize the difference between strengthening and stretching and in doing so realizing your body’s own strengths and weaknesses.  As you begin your journey into Pilates you begin to find pieces of your own body like that of a puzzle and the history of the body’s traumas and stresses start to untangle and often reveal themselves before the road to reworking / reconfiguring the body

Inside Out Pilates Studio - Derby

Inside Out Pilates Studio - Derby

This peaceful exercise always leaves me with a wholesome sense of togetherness in thought and in my physical body, a real feeling of being grounded. Immersing your own personal wellbeing with an abundance of positivity.

Inside Out Pilates Studio - Derby

Inside Out Pilates Studio - Derby

The InsideOut Pilates studio is located in the heart of Derby City providing a warm and positive environment for self-focus, a place where one’s mind and body can communicate and engage. It is my pleasure as the sole teacher of InsideOut Pilates to provide my clients with one2one equipment based sessions focusing wholly on their journey, with acknowledgment and acceptance of their bodies past, present and
It is important to me that my mat classes remain small (maximum of 7) for people to feel comfortable in a group atmosphere ensuring functional issues, aches or pains can be acknowledged, improved upon easily and actioned with confidence by the participant.
To me my studio represents a community or family that all share one thing - Pilates!


Looking forward to meeting lots of new faces and like minded people, a great opportunity to learn lots of new things!
Come check out the InsideOut Pilates stand and see what I have in store for you!
With Love
Sarah x


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