Meet Laura from The Happy Birthing Co.

Meet Laura from The Happy Birthing Co.

Laura - The Happy Birthing Co.

Laura - The Happy Birthing Co.

Hi I’m Laura, trained KG Hypnobirthing teacher and founder of The Happy Birthing Co. I am a true positive birth enthusiast and I am a woman on a mission to spread the word. I believe that every woman has the right to an informed and confident birth, and the course that I teach enables that to happen.

Hypnobirthing is a simple and logical technique that has a profound and positive effect on birth. I am not a hippy and I am not going to hypnotise you. But what I do on my courses is reduce fear and anxiety that surrounds birth.

Many mums who use hypnobirthing report having a more comfortable and drug-free birth, that they feel calm and in control. This also has an effect on your baby when it is born, with them being more relaxed and sleeping better.

A woman’s birth experience can affect her for the rest of her life, whether that be a positive or a negative one. Some women decide not to have another child after a traumatic labour. This is life changing on so many levels.

I teach you how to:

Release fear and tension – which leads to pain and often interventions

Learn self-hypnosis to induce deep relaxation

Massage techniques to release endorphins, your body’s natural analgesia

Learn visualisation exercises and affirmations to keep you confident, serene and positive

Understand the choices that are available to you

Help you to be confident and happy during pregnancy

If you Hypnobirth you are more likely to have a natural, calm and drug-free birth. Many people report that labour is less painful and often shorter.

I am so passionate about everyone having a positive birth and I am looking forward to meeting everyone at Well Fest East Mids 2019.

Please come and say hi!

Laura x

The Happy Birthing Co.