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Let’s Dance - A Journey Towards Natarajasana

Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance is one of Yogas most beautiful
backbends. Opening the front line of your body it will energise and
stimulate all seven chakras, whilst enabling you to find stillness in its

‘Let’s dance’ is a class for all Yogis with a little yoga experience, it’s a
class for those who enjoy movement and exploring their bodies full
potential. It will enable you to move, breathe, meditate and to feel your
heart beating while your body flows intelligently towards Natarajasana.

Join this class at Well Fest East Mids at 2pm - book your place now!

About Tabitha - Yoga & Pilates Teacher and Owner of Tabitha Yoga
I first started the practice of Yoga at the age of 24 and I remember
being in ‘Warrior II’ pose, feeling the strength and foundation it
provides I knew intuitively that Yoga was something I must explore
and be a part of. Nearly two decades on, marriage, a successful
'first' career and 3 children later I now practice and teach Yoga and
Pilates in Derbyshire, having qualified with the British Wheel of
Yoga in 2007 and Pilates in 2014.
In my classes I love to thread in all aspects of yoga, asana,
pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditation. It enables the Yogi to
experience yoga in all of its depth and beauty.
With Pilates I find the physicality and depth of connection with core
strength enables a renewed and refreshed outlook on life, whilst
strengthening, realigning and sculpting a body you can rely on. All
of this I will bring to you when you become a student of Yoga and
Pilates in my Online classes or Studio classes in Derbyshire.