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Hi, my name is Sharon Bull and I am so looking forward to speaking at the Lykke Events - Well Fest East Midlands 2018.

Natalie (Lykke Events) and I met for the first time a few months ago in a beautiful coffee bar in
Derby. The time just flew by.  As Natalie discussed her plans for Well Fest East Midlands 2018, her passion and desire were infectious! I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of this special wellbeing event.

I work as an inspirational speaker, author and poet, but that hasn’t always been the case.  For over fourteen years I worked as a successful sales executive until a shock redundancy in 2010. As I handed back the keys for my company car, I knew the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to had come to an end. 

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Stripped Bare tells the story of how my depression, anxiety and low self-esteem eventually triggered a shopping addiction, which left me in crippling debt. In 2010 I lost everything and almost took my own life in the depths of my despair. But somehow, I found a way to claw myself back, transform my life, reconnect with nature and inspire others to find fulfilment beyond the superficial.

It’s hard to believe now that my image and importance of my status within society had somehow become the focus of my life. Sadly, this self-centred obsession with cars, body image, money, and promotion affect so many of us, and it’s galvanised by years of cleverly constructed marketing, engineered by banks and large corporate businesses to make huge profits.

We are persuaded by advertisers never to be satisfied with who we are and what we have. We are constantly striving to be better than the next person by improving our status, climbing the corporate ladder, and accumulating material possessions. But at what cost?

It is no surprise that there is a rise in mental illness. This is a sickness which has no boundaries or
prejudice as it weaves its way into schools, workplaces, and other walks of life. It affects the rich and
famous, the young and old, males and females, the poor and disadvantaged.
Reliance on material goods and wealth for happiness is most definitely the biggest humanitarian
misconception of all. The idea that yearning for more and searching for perfection holds the key to
an unproblematic lifestyle is just a fairy tale.
I was plagued by mental health issues, and a little retail therapy eventually became a habit. It
ultimately turned into a shopping addiction. Just like any other addiction – drugs, gambling,
alcoholism, food, work – it started to encroach on other areas of my life, finally leaving me with
£50,000 worth of debt and almost nothing to my name.
It hasn’t been easy, but nothing is achieved by a quick fix. My success and recovery have come about
through sheer determination, perseverance, and patience.
Linked to my book Stripped Bare, I will be speaking at 2.15pm. Copies of the book will be available
on the day, along with myself (willing to sign books) and my publisher Trigger Press with their
complete Inspirational series.
Stripped Bare is available from Amazon here