Meet the Trigger Team at Well Fest East Midlands 2018



Nice to meet you. We’re Trigger, a publisher devoted entirely to opening up conversations around mental health. We are parented by a mental health charity, The Shaw Mind Foundation, whom we fund and who fund us. 

Following the life-changing advice given to him by renowned psychologist and Shaw Mind co-founder, Lauren Callaghan, Adam Shaw decided to confront society’s prejudices the way Lauren encouraged him to face his own issues: by pulling the trigger on them. Trigger works as a vessel for that aim, by taking the conversation and blowing it wide open.

Our authors range from established to new, from clinical psychologists to burlesque entrepreneurs. We have authors in England, America, Canada, Scotland, Beijing, New Zealand and Australia. There is no limit to the effect of mental health issues, no borders or barriers to who can suffer from them. Our aim is to tell a wide range of inspirational stories that encompass all walks of life, to show that this is a discussion we should all be having. 

Trigger is new, but growing fast. Currently, we have two series: PullingtheTrigger and Inspirational, with more exciting series’ under development for launch in 2019.

PullingtheTrigger is our collaborative project between former mental health sufferers and their clinical psychologists. Part 1 of each book consists of the story of the former sufferer, supplemented by commentary from their psychologist, followed in Part 2 by an easy-to-follow blueprint for recovery. From our very first publication, PullingtheTrigger is the kind of innovative, informative, and dynamic content that Trigger represents. 

The Inspirational Series tells real-life stories of people who have overcome adversity to live fulfilling lives after suffering mental illness. We do not shy away from the dark moments, but aim to show there is always hope to be found.  Our series is full of light, humour and positive change at its core, which we use to inspire and cultivate understanding in others. 

Trigger are incredibly excited to be part of Well Fest this year, as we know just how healing the process of reading can be. It can be cathartic and eye-opening; provocative and life-changing. We truly believe sharing stories and understanding another person’s point of view can not only make the world a better place, but make us better people. We’ll be attending the festival in support of our most recent author, Sharon Bull, whose memoir, Stripped Bare, documents her decades-long struggles with mental health, resulting in a shopping addiction and huge debt. Through reconnecting with nature and sharing her story, however, Sharon found fulfilment. We are so pleased to be able to share these kinds of stories, and we can’t wait to hear some more from all the lovely people at the festival! 

See you there,

The Trigger Team x