Gongs by Julia - Join me at Well Fest East Mids 2018



My name is Julia and I am “Gongs by Julia”.

I am also the creator and Director of The Kathleen Lottie Foundation, an organisation that
promotes community well-being through musically enriching workshops
and events.

I am The First Accredited Female Gong Master in the East
Midlands and I am also a Drum Circle Facilitator and Vibrational

I use sound in all its forms to re- balance your mind, body
and spirit.


GONGS BY JULIA came about through my own personal journey with ill
health and trauma. I realized that through the use of sound I could be
the “Captain of my own ship”, that I could understand the complexity of
my emotions and focus on wellbeing and life satisfaction, avoiding
negative emotions and symptom relief. It is now my mission to share
this simple but life changing tool with others.

A Gong Bath is an immersion in sound, a moment to deeply relax,
to have your mind quietened and your Soul heard. A massage for
the body using only sound. An ocean of gong sound washing over
you as you lay on the floor.  Like ripples created by a pebble
skipping over a pond, gong sound gently reverberates over,
around and through the entire body to calm, relax and soothe.
Your heart rate slows, blood pressure drops and breath is restored
to its natural rhythm, quality "You" time that you rarely give

Gong sound is the perfect reset button.

A moment in time when there is no time. A chance to deeply relax,
rebalance and become rejuvenated.  Gong Baths are best
experienced laying on the floor.  Bring with you something really
comfy to lay down on, a folded single quilt, a ”Z” bed or an air bed
maybe, a pillow for your head and a blanket to help keep you

Tickets are £6 only for this amazing experience at The Roundhouse Derby - 29th September, 3pm.  BOOKABLE NOW AT WWW.LYKKEEVENTS.CO.UK