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Food is the Enemy??

We need to starve our bodies to lose weight and get a strong body we desire....WRONG!

Not only will starving ourselves turn us into a psycho wanting to eat our own arm, I bet you now know that it WON'T get the results you are hoping for while you are pounding the treadmill or the pavements late at night while the kids get some sleep. 

When ladies come to me for training, it's amazing just how many women out there are under eating!  Because you have to eat as least amount of calories as possible and do shedloads of cardio to get that banging body right?  Or the amount of ladies who are counting calories,eating green & red foods.  

It just doesn't need to be this confusing. What's the fun in making three different meals for the family after a long day looking after the kids or head down at a computer all day, ..again  WRONG!

Food is fuel girls!  Not the enemy!  I feel so passionately about this.  Food to the human body is like petrol to a car, it keeps us going, it helps us function, to survive, and guess what? choose the right foods & you WILL get the results you want and not be feeling rubbish on another silly
shake diet. Winner I hear you cry! How can I do it?

So girls I want to educate you on how to fuel your bodies and achieve a Healthy balanced lifestyle and empower you to make the right decisions. Good healthy foods & plenty of water is a good starting point. Water is the secret to great skin, a flat tummy & bundles of energy. Trust me & it's free...

You will be lifting weights, Yes weights and NOT getting big & bulky (that takes years and years of sheer hardwork by the way) you will be lean and feminine, you will be doing press ups and burpees and enjoying the challenge and yes you WILL be strong NOT skinny because this is the way to inspire our daughter's, nieces and loved ones to lead a fulfilled,
balanced life without even counting a calorie or stepping on the dreaded scales and waiting for a stupid number to dictate your mood!  Now even I will drink to that! 

I specialise in females because I understand the pressures of being a mum, juggling a career and knowing how important it is to get up everyday and smash the living daylights out if it, just like the wonder women we are (with a few squats to boot!) 

I've been in the fitness industry now for 23 years and loved every minute of it but I've got a feeling the next 23 years is going to be even stronger, sexier for us girls who want to lift and get fit without a Ryvita in sight!

Because food glorious food is the way to our hearts and health!

Whether you love classes, one on one training, bootcamps or just a good old fashioned walk it doesn't matter.  What matters is that you're moving, lunchtime, coffee breaks, take the stairs not the lift. 

Join me on the main stage for my trademark class Total Tone!  And I’m talking at 12 noon on the Speaker Stage – let me motivate the hell out of you!