Welcome to Kettleboobs!





Unique, individual, imperfect. 

No one of the same. 

Beautifully flawed, unashamebly bold. 

"Haaawwwt daayum you Kettleboob." 

"Ah she is such a Kettleboob..." 

Kettleboobs represent strong individual women who stand up when it gets cold out here.

A little bit about us and the brand. 

We design custom kettlebells that, in the same way there is nothing like putting on your fave Lululemons and having an awesome workout because you're in a brand you feel is made "for you" and fits you perfectly, we wanted that in our "boobs"

We were looking for cute kettlebells to work out with and to our horror, found none. 

I am a mum to 2 wonderful boys whom I love, but find I am kept very busy running around after them I end up not having time to head to the gym, so I workout at home. 

And the other half of us, is a wellness & fitness coach and makes workout videos for instagram, and we realised the only thing available were plain pastel colours or the typical gym style kettlebells that would take up space whilst being an eyesore at home, much to our husbands dismay.

So we decided to create something we would want in our living room next to our cactus's and also would be photogenic for the gram of course.

We wanted the boobs to reflect our personal style and our personalities.

Unique, functional, and gorgeous, no matter the size, shape or imperfections (hence the boob reference) These are perfectly imperfect creations, no, one, is the same & they are made with love and care, by hand, with a personal touch of "us" 

We also make custom made ones.  Look out on social media for our Well Fest East Mids 2018 bespoke model!  If you wish to order prior to the event then please do get in touch via our website here.

We hope you love our boobs as much as we do.