Well Fest East Midlands 2018

                       The Roundhouse Derby - 29th September 2018

                       The Roundhouse Derby - 29th September 2018


Hello and welcome to our first blog post!

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce ourselves properly to you and tell you a little bit about us and why I wanted to organise this event.

Hi, I am Natalie and I have ran my own business in the Health and Social Care sector in Derby for nearly 18 years now.  

Running your own business is very challenging in every way and during this time I have had to find ways to balance out the stress that these challenges bring both mentally and physically.  Health and Social Care is both frustrating and emotionally draining and I was struggling to deal with these emotions alongside family life and having children in general.  

It led me to have anxieties about situations that I never had before and that has been difficult, especially when I had in a previous lifetime (or so it feels) twice given up employment to go backpacking in various parts of the world.

I have always been open-minded to alternative methods of support and all things spiritual and for me personally I didn't feel comfortable using modern day medicine to treat me at times when I dipped, as it just made me more sick.  So I knew for me that this wasn't an option.

I therefore looked to meditation, mindfulness, yoga and physical exercise and now food to support me both mentally and spiritually.  However, I won't lie, I find it hard to continue with exercise classes.  I start them and then usually work gets in the way.  

I still find it very hard not to put work first.  These together with support from my family - and in particular my husband, Jack, who actually gave up his career to join me as a Director - I started to find it a bit easier.

On my journey I started to look at and sometimes attend events where you could spend a day healthy eating, drinking, shopping and exercising.  I have attended some great events and some not so great events but none of them were in this area and when you're dragging along a family of 4 it often also got quite expensive, but they humoured me and came along - mostly for the food! 

But, I loved these events.  For me it was proper time out.  It also triggered an interest in becoming a vegan.   Something I am still working at and will continue to learn about.  Just for the record as a meat eater for 46 years, I have eaten some of THE MOST AMAZING VEGAN FOOD at these events, the switch has not been hard.

Therefore, when I was given the opportunity to create my dream event, I have jumped at it.  So, if I wasn't busy before, my life is now absolutely manic!  

But, I am continuously working on the balance and when I get those offers of help from everyone, I have taken it.  I love helping and supporting others to create and collaborate and I have met some of the most amazing individuals along the way and on days when I am finding it a little overwhelming, I look up at my vision board and think WOW, this is going to be an amazing event.

I can't wait for you to meet some of the people taking part and I will be using this blog as an opportunity for them to introduce themselves to you, so please have a read each week leading up to the event and if you have any ideas of your own, drop me an email or contact me on Instagram which is the platform on which I am most active.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love

Natalie xoxo